Read What Our Members Have to Say:

bflo917 -

"Since joining I have received so much value from all the content available and all the information everyone is willing to share on the main chat. Secondly and most importantly the profits I have made on numerous call outs have been a game changer for me. I'm seeing consistent gains both from main chat call outs along with the daily watch list. Whether you're a newbie like me looking to grow your knowledge from individuals willing to teach or looking to grow your profits you will find this with this group. After a nice day of trades, the annual membership paid for itself and I know I made the right decision joining. Excited to continue growing and learning." 

ProSamSun - 

"Made money today :) 
Finding blessings learning through this group.

Before I was never a day trader but because I watched your videos and education, I think I've grown into one in the past month. Being that this is my 2nd week trading options, I find it impressive that I started with only $300 and have now turned that into about 3k."

Chef G 316 - 

"I remember trying to learn options and trying out so many strategies and joining different groups and listening to other people’s advice. It didn't get me anywhere. I was confused as to what style of trading best fit me. Until I gave this group a try, i have learned to stay more consistent and to only choose a couple strategies during trading sessions. Yes, the knowledge i gained from other groups is valuable, but no one took the time to actually explain how to use specific strategies. Spartan trades has given me the attention that most traders look for."

DrRick - 

"I just joined as part of The 300. I met Chef G 316 in another discord, and he began to help me understand trading support and resistance. He arranged a free trial for me and in 2 days I made 30% of my total account by following the watchlist and apply what I had learned. This is a great group of people who want to see you succeed!"

Acelam16 - 

"I would honestly never let the trade come to me, so I ended up blowing my first account which was really devastating. I started doing research about compounded interest and purchased Gates' in-depth guide to indicators and when/how to use them. His watchlists that he and his team post are literally always on point. They are definitely good food for thought. Just be patient. So since then, my account has grown from just 313.50 to currently just over 3K with this last week being my largest profitable week ever."

Mike/LF/WIFI - 

"I've had great gains this whole month as well. Cut a lot of bad habits with Gates and Zack's help and focused on refining what was working. AS a result, only 1 red day this month and that's only because I didn't stick to my strategy and sold early into fear. Sure enough it went back up."