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Ismael M. -

"The Higher Spartan Program brings you up-to-speed on how to identify high probability set-ups, contract selection, setting trigger levels, and more! Gates will absolutely answer any question you may have, so take advantage of his Higher Spartan Program - it will certainly improve your trading methods! Before signing up for the program, I had some difficulty identifying proper intra-day trigger levels. Just being able to observe Gates’ process on how he chooses his intra-day triggers made it all very clear for me. You will learn a lot just by observing his process, so I highly recommend taking plenty of notes. I would personally re-take this program, without hesitation.  Thank you @TradeLikeGates. You can expect me on a future session, but I want everyone to have an opportunity with the program first!" 

Slim46 - 

"I just finished taking the Higher Spartan Program and wow! First of all at $100 this is a gift. I'm a firm believer that in order to be a successful trader, you first need to invest in yourself.  I took the Masterclass and knew I wanted to take this program.  Having @TradeLikeGates take me through his system and methodical trading process has been extremely helpful for me.    Understanding the steps on how to properly analyze each ticker on your master watchlist in order to identify those moving A+ setups everyday, was an eye opener for me.  The opportunity to personally connect with Gates with a small group of traders and ask any question, was also super beneficial.   He is a great teacher  who is genuinely interested in seeing those who are part of the Spartan Trades family succeed.  I strongly recommend this course."

Tbird316 - 

"Just completed my Higher Spartan sessions with Gates. I am 100% satisfied with the information given and tips I had been missing. Gates is very patient and walks you through every single step of his system on finding the best tickers that will be trading that day. You see the watch list daily, Gates breaks it down very simple for understanding on key levels and trends he looks for. Gates answered all of my questions about the market I’ve been needing guidance on since starting. I feel better prepared to be a profitable technical trader at this point. So if you are looking to improve your edge on the market, this class will supply you with what you are looking for."

Salah - 

"I’m a firm believer in the idea that if you can’t write it, you can’t teach it, and if you can’t teach it, you don’t understand it. @TradeLikeGates …understands it. Keep in mind, teaching is a separate skill, understanding is obviously necessary, but it's not sufficient. I’ve known many brilliant people who couldn’t teach what they know to save their lives, no matter how well they understand it. Having the opportunity to personally chat and learn from Gates this past week was extremely rewarding because it’s rare to come across individuals who are as exceptional as him when it comes to conveying information in digestible bits. For a whole week, he dedicated his personal time every morning and evening to provide insights into his methods for choosing valid setups based on current market conditions, establishing well rounded watchlists and trading practices, analyzing our daily performance to see where we went right and wrong, and ultimately making calculated risks on a daily basis to increase his (as well as) our exposure to potential gains. And it works. It fricking works. It’s really that simple. I can’t recommend the higher spartan program enough. If you’re new to the stock market, or you’ve already  been lurking in the shadows for a while like myself, I guarantee you will leave this course with a significantly deeper understanding then before. So go on now, give it a go, whatchu waiting for??? "

Wendy0731 - 

"The thing I like the most is that everything is so consistent, repetitive. For me it feels dummy proof I struggle with organization skills but this is like a step by step guide because he's always looking for the same set ups. I enjoyed that he took the time to answer all of our groups questions in details with examples and always asked if we understood. I do feel that my understanding came easier after I paired it with the master class and after days of repetition in looking for the same setups. My recommendations bring all your questions ready, definitely be on time because he starts on the dot. Since starting with Gates in mid January i have made great profits over 10k and that was just trading the watchlist. Thank you Gates this class was so worth my time."

Malix - 

"The best Value for your money, I highly recommend new and experienced traders take this class. I was having issues with finding entry points or wasn't too confident why I was entering a certain trade. Gates explained in detail why he takes the trades and when he does, how he builds his watch list daily, where is the right place to set a stop loss once you have entered the trade (which was very important to me) I would enter a trade then once it would start coming down I would panic and cut my trade at break even or right below and miss out on huge gains. Gates explained me in detail the right place to set my SL's. Thank you Gates for offering this program at such a great bargain."

dkboi - 

"there are moments in life when you keep making bad decisions but dont give up.. and then finally you hit the right one... this program is my bullseye, my best decision after buying the bad/crappy ones out there.. this one week program takes you inside Gates' head, his decision making process, the way you navigate the market, find entry and exit levels, creating watch lists and make solid trades. the method gets etched in your mind and instead of running after the many plays, this training will ensure that you find 2-3 good plays and you're set. I highly encourage everyone who is watching from the sidelines since this is 10x more than every dime you spend. this is an investment worth making!"

brendan - 

"Would highly recommend the higher spartan course to traders of any level. Gates walks through his entire system from top to bottom of how he finds the plays on the watchlist and what to look for. He also gives tips for charting, technical analysis, finding the right contracts, etc.  Along the way he answers questions about his methods, as well as any questions about trading in general. Definitely pairs perfectly with being in the discord trading group because it gives you even better insight to why the plays make the watchlist and gives the information needed to find other plays on your own. I am still pretty new to trading (little over a year experience) so this course gave me a ton of knowledge that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere. I think this course would give a perfect amount of information to start for someone who is brand new to trading. I feel that advanced traders would definitely learn something as well because of the amount of knowledge given and the different perspective. The value gained also far exceeds the price in my opinion.  You won’t be able to find any other course for this price where you get this amount of information and the ability to interact directly with a highly successful trader. Definitely would recommend!."

georgiaboy78 - 

"I just wanted to take a moment and speak to my experience with the Higher Spartan course. Ostensibly I’m doing this for Gates, but in reality I’m doing it for any of you who are reading this and considering taking the course. For a little background, I am relatively new to trading (>1yr) but, like anything I get into, I’ve had a single minded determination (obsession really) with learning how to trade effectively and consistently. I’ve spent what most would consider a pretty solid starter accounts' worth of money in trainings, books, lectures, courses, indicators and just about any other avenue one might consider to that end. And they all helped....a little bit. But it was just so much information without the cohesion, without a framework to put it all together and into an actionable trade plan. One of the most difficult aspects, and one that gets very little attention outside of this course, is how to pick the right tickers at the right times, and to know when to get in and when to get out. And most importantly, the ‘why’ to all those questions as well. That is what the Higher Spartan course is all about. And Gates manages to convey this in a very effective, close knit manner which, to my knowledge, is not available anywhere else.  As for the cost, it is truly negligible in comparison to what you are getting for your money, not to mention the return this knowledge can, and should, bring to your trading game. If it says anything, I fully intend to take the course again, probably a few times a year as a refresher during different market conditions. It’s that good. If you’re on the fence, if you’re even considering taking the course, chances are it means something is missing or lagging in your trading program and skill set. This program will address it."

pezlo - 

"Just completed my higher Spartan program this week. Hands-down has to be the best informational and well put together program I have ever taken. If you are on the fence of whether to take this course or try to do the strategy on your own please take the time to invest in yourself as this will pay double in the long run. The way that the program shows you how to build a watchlist and take the trade successfully is a proven strategy that I was able to put in one week and finally see some of the best returns I have seen since I started trading. I highly recommend this program and I look forward to continue growing with the team and learning the craft of trading. Thank you so much at @TradeLikeGates  I’m excited to be part of the team and see continued success."

kb1022 - 

"This week I lived like I day trader, and no I’m not talking about the racing flashy cars, vacationing in the Caribbean, posting 400% gains day trader you see on IG. I took the Higher Spartan Program and spent Sunday afternoon and weekday mornings building daily watchlists with Gates. I spent my evenings reviewing the watchlists, reviewing stocks, and reviewing my trades. I developed a routine. I had a trading professional as a personal accountability partner/teacher for a week. I learned how to better identify moving setups. I now understand the trigger levels in the WL are so much more than just dollar amounts. I’m closer to knowing exactly what type of trader I am. If you aren’t a consistently profitable trader (or even if you are), invest in yourself and sign up for the Higher Spartan Program when you have the opportunity."

slick - 

"I just finished my last nightly session with Gates in this week's Higher Spartan Program and it was honestly the best investment I've made so far in trying to better myself in day trading options.  Gates started off explaining how he goes about his day and through the rest of the week going in to detail explaining what he's looking for and why. If you don't have a solid foundation to start you will never be able to build.  That's exactly what I've gained from this class, a solid foundation, with the knowledge to continue to build my style of trading moving forward.  I would have paid double for what I've learned so far. While keeping the amount of students in each weekly class limited you can ask anything knowing your questions will be answered and explained.  Can't go wrong taking this class."

thefranchisor - 

"I am very happy with the outcome from taking the higher spartan program and let me tell you why!

I started off first by tying as much self education by myself winning but losing and becoming a break even trader. I first started by taking the master class series I wanted to make sure I forced myself to take his class and know the strategy first (I think this is important in order to get the most of the program). The higher Spartan program helped me graduate from being a break even trader to a profitable trader by teaching me price action & execution.

Additionally, before the higher Spartan program I had a little knowledge of price action but now I understand the "whys" and "how" of price movement and what the candles are telling me. I think if you have tried trading long enough we can all look at a chart and say where we would have gotten in but actually executing as it is unfolding thats the actual art of being a successful trader.

I plan on taking this course again with some of the alumni in order to keep expanding on more advanced topics. Aside from the program itself I’ve got a lot of respect for Gates he takes the time to answer questions, correct you if you are calling bad plays, and constantly mentoring his team most discords its just a mess no order to many people messaging so you really never get knowledge to grow and be self sufficient. I now can create a watchlist for the next day, set triggers and execute for profit"

andrew gomez - 

"Hello everyone! Just wanted to say that the higher spartan program gave me just the extra edge I needed esp when it comes to finding appropriate key levels for finding set ups. Gates gave 6-8 potential set ups to look for in a bigger timeframe and I'm currently trying to master the range break since it offers such a  great follow through given with its momentum. I definitely recommend getting the higher spartan program! "

rubyy - 

"Hi everyone, I just completed my week  of the higher Spartan program. I’ve been in this server for a month now and I was noticing that all though the watchlist results showed mostly winning trades, I was losing all of mine. I decided to take the class (I read all these testimonials and contemplated for a while, so if you’re here reading this trying to decide.. just do it) this was the best investment I could’ve made for myself. This program took everything I had learned from everywhere and tied it all together, but most importantly, gave it a purpose. By day 2 I was already adjusting levels based off of what I’ve learned. I’m navigating charts faster, as I know what I’m looking for, and I feel more confident getting into trades because not only do I understand the setup now, but I know what to look for if it doesn’t work out. I’ve been detaching my emotions from my trades which is easier once you have the technicals and full understanding. The program is a great size and well structured so that you receive information that is important without getting bored. You also get feedback on your trades for the day which helped me the most. Gates has a system, and it works. Thank you again!"

mustangsvt281 - 

"Gates said for Christmas he wanted some honest reviews so here it is. the higher spartan program really is the next level to the masterclass. It takes all the teachings in the masterclass and dials them in. This course will show you how to develop a systematic and profitable trading system. The only thing this course doesn't teach is discipline. The first day is my favorite because it goes over all the criteria and outlines the course. It is very detailed so make sure you write notes that are just as detailed. Every night I would study before we had our morning meetings and would prepare my own watchlist to see how close I was to the master(gates). In the afternoon we would review trades and Gates was always very insightful. Like he says this is as close to a 1 on 1 session as you will get. There is no stupid questions and Gates answers all concerns in great detail. Another interesting thing that Gates does in this class is his ability to see what kind of trader you are. For example one of my classmates was a reversal trader and he didn't know until we started reviewing our trades in the afternoon session. Gates helped me to realize that I liked to trade inverse head and shoulder patterns, but without him I was never able to identify those patterns.  My experience with my group of 4 was awesome, not only was Gates very supportive but the group as a whole was as well. If you have read this far then you can rest assure that the higher spartan program is a fit for you. I have been MORE than profitable since graduating from he higher spartan program and so can you with just a little guidance from this program. Thank you Gates for the great service you provide and Merry Christmas."

sully - 

"Having just finished the Higher Spartan program, I will say I am excited to take the lessons learned here and continue to apply them moving forward. This course I would not recommend for a brand new trader, but for anyone that feels they have a solid base, I highly recommend this course. As stated in an above review, it is a great addition to the master class. Gates walks you through the things he looks for when developing a watchlist and how to narrow it down and find appropriate trigger levels. This is a fast paced course out of necessity, but if you take  quality notes and ask questions when needed, Gates will ensure you understand the information. He is readily available and willing to answer as needed. The afternoon sessions go over the watch list results, any call outs made in chat/why trades were taken, etc. This was also the time to go over the entries and exits for your own trades and start building the watchlist for the following day. I personally found this extremely valuable. I learned how to build a personal watchlist of A+ setups and even more helpful for myself, this time helped me to identify things that I was doing well and to identify areas of opportunity in my trading execution. When you’re ready to take the plunge, don’t hesitate! It’s worth it."