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Be a part of a community that connects like minded traders with each other all around the world. Find charts to trade. Share your ideas. Or just follow the watch-list.

Why do we do it?

Trading is a community effort, let's face it. There is no way a single person can find the best plays everyday without the aiding eyes of a trained team. Together we are better, we are that team. The chatroom serves as a way for all of us to share ideas, talk about the market, and compare technical analysis. It helps hold one accountable to trading better, plus you might meet your next mentor here. We have all traders of all different skill levels who are trading all types of different strategies, but focused on one goal. Helping each other learn to make some money.


What do we have to offer?

Start by joining the discord with the link below the video. Then watch the video. It will give you more insight as to what we have to offer. Daily watchlists, LIVE screenshare sessions, voice channel chat availability and more.

Resources available after upgrade!

We like to save the best for our team, after all, the Spartans didn't just let anyone into their army. So since we hold out for them, it means less for you. Until you upgrade that is. Fortunately, we aren't that picky as the ancient Spartans when it comes to letting you in our army, but we are determined to train you! So the channels mentioned in the video are only available to paying members. We hope to see you in chat!