Mission Statement

What We Do

As traders, we buy and sell financial instruments, such as stocks and options, with the goal of making profits. We use a variety of strategies and techniques to analyze market conditions and make informed decisions about when to buy and sell.

We use tools such as charts, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis to inform make informed decisions.
Overall, the goal of is to buy low and sell high, or to sell high and buy low, in order to make profits. This involves carefully analyzing market conditions, taking calculated risks, and using effective trading strategies.

How We Do It

In the evening when the stars are out, the Spartans are constantly improving. The best trades come from proper planning and that is what we provide. Hours spent every night finding the best opportunities for the next day. Daily watchlists are provided with entry trigger levels, LIVE screen share reviews when the market is hot, and communication throughout the day in our chatroom is how we maintain success. 


We host a LIVE watchlist review session every Sunday at 6 p.m. EST where we breakdown tickers in the upcoming week that have potential. In these sessions, we identify key areas of support and resistance, highlight patterns to watch, and discuss any fundamental news that has been affecting the market. Catch us live here:

Trading Rules

We do not trade (gamble) on earning’s reports, nor do we ever take a trade based on someone else’s opinion. EVEN if they are a member of the group. It is advised to ALWAYS do your own due diligence when analyzing a ticker.

Trusted members to follow for educational purposes are the members whose names are colored either purple or blue. Those members are handpicked elite traders who make trustworthy call-outs and educate the Spartans on proper charting, contract buying, and ticker analysis.

No matter your experience level, one thing is certain. We are all about growth and remaining positive. Thus, we enforce a strict no bashing others policy as part of the deal so everyone can feel at home.